Kim Campbell

kim profile picKim is the lead investigator and author for this report. She most recently worked as a consultant for Gray Matters Capital Foundation, piloting educational tablet interventions in two affordable private schools in Hyderabad, India. She was previously an IDEX Fellow in Social Enterprise, consulting for an APS in Hyderabad. She graduated with a BA in Economics from Georgia State University in 2010. Connect with Kim on twitter at @kimncampbel or via email at kimcampbel [at]

Benjamin Mayer

Benjamin-MayerBen is a field researcher and co-author for this report. He was most recently an IDEX Fellow in Social Enterprise in Hyderabad, India, where he worked as an APS market researcher at Gray Matters Capital. Ben is interested in using innovative technological solutions to solve some of the biggest challenges facing education in the developing world, especially in India. He’s previously worked in Lebanon and Haiti. Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, he graduated from Boston College in 2012 with a BA in History and Philosophy.

Hila Mehr

Hila-MehrHila is a field researcher and co-author for this report, and also manages outreach and this blog. She was most recently an IDEX Fellow in Social Enterprise in Hyderabad, India where she consulted for an affordable private school. She has worked on several education technology projects and visited a dozen low-income schools in India. Originally from Santa Cruz, CA, she is a StartingBloc Fellow in Social Innovation and graduated from the University of Chicago with a BA in General Honors in Political Science in 2009. Connect with Hila at or @HilaMehr.

Cristina Maiorescu

Cristina_MaiorescuCristina is the lead designer for this report. She is a trained graphic designer as well as a researcher, working for clients ranging from the Big Four consulting firms to SMEs and NGOs. Originally from Romania, she has been living for more than a decade in Finland and India. She is a graduate of Media Arts and Graphic Design, and has an MA in Economics and a BA in Communication and PR.

One thought on “Authors

  1. Azyz Sharafy Professor Washburn University Art Department says:

    Cool work. Let me know if I could meet some of you in India and see what progress you have made.

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