Featured on NextBillion

We recently discussed the opportunities for ed-tech in affordable private schools on NextBillion.

To say that education technology is on the rise is an understatement. With the global education market currently valued at $4.4 trillion and estimates of 23 percent growth by 2017, ed-tech is set to make new entrances into education throughout the world over the next five years. As ed-tech innovators seek new markets for emerging innovations, one place they should look is India’s Affordable Private School (APS) sector.

Read the piece here.

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2 thoughts on “Featured on NextBillion

  1. We commend our report on virtual schools to experts and investors interested in this sector. Many of the techniques we report on can be deployed in-classroom also or delivered to schools from the cloud. See http://www.virtualschoolsandcolleges.info/news/public-part-visceds-final-report-commission-now-published

  2. ZQ says:

    Thanks for finally talking about >Featured on NextBillion <Loved it!

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