Press Release for Report

New Report — Education Technology in India:

Designing Ed-Tech for Affordable Private Schools


Hyderabad, India – Education technology interventions have the power to completely reinvent education for children in the developing world. But time and again these interventions have failed to reach their potential due to a lack of understanding of the school environment and users.

As a team of researchers in Hyderabad, India, we sought to understand how education technology (ed-tech) solutions could be better designed to serve the needs of users in low-income private schools. We are proud to share our findings, released in this report – Education Technology in India: Designing Ed-tech for Affordable Private Schools.

Education Technology in India: Designing Ed-Tech for Affordable Private Schools reveals in-depth insights into the relationships that affordable private school (APS) stakeholders–school leaders, students, parents and teachers–have with technology. It outlines the factors that primarily influence consumption by school leaders and parents, and shares the main reasons for poor technology adoption among teachers. It also reveals significant differences in technology access between genders, as girls report 40% less Internet access and 26% less computer access than their male counterparts.

The report  goes beyond consumer insights to explore the benefits and drawbacks of a fast growing ed-tech trend in the developing world: the tablet. We outline use cases, business models, and stakeholder perceptions of tablets in the classroom. Based on interviews with two APS in Hyderabad that have implemented tablets, we found that APS stakeholders were largely excited by the opportunity to acquire tablets, though some expressed concern about the price, functionality, and content.

The report concludes with a look into what the future of ed-tech in India’s APS sector could be by highlighting market opportunities for technology solutions that APS stakeholders would value and benefit from. In the 12 opportunities outlined in the report, we call for innovations in content development, hardware development, service elements of ed-tech providers, and socio-cultural integration in individuals’ lives.

Our hope is that the information provided in Education Technology in India: Designing Ed-Tech for Affordable Private Schools will act as a foundation for better-designed technology. It will hopefully help deliver good ed-tech in places that could reap the most benefit from well-designed technology interventions.


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  1. Thanks for the report…

  2. Thanks for the report… it’s quite helpful…

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